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Wera Kraftform Turbo Screwdriver

Wera Kraftform Turbo Screwdriver

The Wera Kraftform Turbo Screwdriver is designed with rapid, powerful driving in mind. Available in 3 models; the Kraftform Turbo, Kompakt Turbo, and Turbo i, are all available to order through Hayley Group.

Angle Grinding

3M Cubitron II Abrasives Range

The 3M™ Cubitron™ II range of abrasives are powered by 3M™ precision shaped grain, and are designed to enhance both productivity and safety.

LOCTITE 518 Roller Application

LOCTITE® 518 Gasket Sealant Roller Pen

LOCTITE® 518 gasket sealant has been continuously optimised to increase its scope of application, and is now available as a roller pen.

angle grinding

Sia X-LOCK Disc Changing System for Angle Grinders

The innovative Sia X-LOCK system streamlines the disc changing process for angle grinders. The system offers huge time-saving benefits for users. Forming part of the range are the Siaramic fibre discs, now available from Hayley Group.

Hand Sanitising Unit

Compact, Pedal-Controlled Hand Sanitising Unit

This pedal-controlled hand sanitising unit creates the perfect free-standing station for cleaning and disinfecting hands. Its compact size means that it is able to fit in places where available space is at a premium.

ROCOL wipes bucket

ROCOL Quick & Clean Hand Towels

ROCOL® Quick & Clean towels provide an effective and convenient dual-purpose cleaning solution for both hands and surfaces. They are able to tackle most industrial soils as well as every day dirt and grime, without being harsh on skin.

Draper Stormforce Mega Kit

Draper Storm Force® 20V Cordless Mega Kit

The Storm Force® 20V Cordless Mega Kit contains Draper tools for everyday use. The kit is available through Hayley Group.

2590 2961 X

Sykes-Pickavant Mini Venom™ Induction Heater

The Mini Ductor Venom™ Handheld Induction Heater is designed with user experience in-mind, and has a wide range of applications. It comes with a two year limited warranty and includes a 3 piece coil kit. The product is now available through Hayley Group.