LOCTITE® 270TM is a high-strength, green threadlocking adhesive for applications where permanent locking is required. The product is suitable for all metal-threaded assemblies.


  • Provides a high-strength bond for maximum efficacy in the securing and sealing of threaded assemblies.
  • Works on all metals, including passive substrates such as stainless steel, aluminium, and plated surfaces.
  • Proven tolerance of minor contamination from lubricants (e.g., engine oils, cutting fluids etc.).
  • Only disassembles if heated to 300oC before using hand tools.
  • Cures in the absence of air.
  • Able to operate in ambient temperatures of -55oC to +180oC.
  • Available in a range of sizes including; 10ml, 24ml, 50ml, and 250ml bottles. Also as a 2l bag-in-a-box.


To enquire about this product, and other adhesive solutions, contact your local Hayley Group branch.

LOCTITE Threadlocker Mythbuster Videos

There are some common misconceptions about LOCTITE Threadlocker products, and threadlockers in general. Let us debunk some of those myths...

Myth#1 The LOCTITE Threadlocker Bottle is Underfilled

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Myth#2 LOCTITE Threadlockers Impossible to Take Apart

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This product features in Issue 5 of our Maintenance Essentials magazine.