National Accounts

Who we are

The Hayley Group National Accounts Department is a group of industry-proven professionals that specialise in overseeing the delivery and management of multisite, and large single-site MRO procurement contracts. Providing a single point of contact for organisations with more advanced contractual requirements.

We can claim a host of prestigious organisations as long-standing national accounts, relying upon our specialist teams and UK-wide branch network to maintain operations, reduce total cost of ownership, improve operational efficiency and maintain regulatory compliance. We understand that MRO procurement forms a large ongoing cost within many manufacturing businesses. However, with the right supply partner, it can also represent an opportunity to reduce costs, become leaner, and work smarter.

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    What we do

    We have at our disposal a host of in-house technologies, processes, and skills that we have developed from many decades of dealing with some of the largest names across a wide range of industry sectors.

    Our specialist personnel cover disciplines including inventory management, cloud-based industrial vending technology, e-business, pump system design, drive design, through to energy saving, and condition-based monitoring.

    Using customer driven KPI’s, we produce detailed reports to facilitate regular reviews and improvements to the overall contract. We work in close collaboration with our customers to understand their challenges, goals and aspirations.

    Working closely with our world-class supply partners, we can introduce the latest cutting edge technologies and solutions directly into our customers’ operations. Driving forward enhanced levels of customer service, technical support and cost-savings, providing the levels of confidence and stability you need to run your business effectively.

    The Hayley Group National Accounts team work closely with branch personnel to add value to every transaction. The following are examples of initiatives, processes and technologies that we will seek to employ within any national account implementation.

    We can identify product groups that can be consolidated under a single manufacturer. Reducing the amount of stock of the same product serving the same purpose from different manufacturers.

    Using our extensive product knowledge and supply partner support we will identify opportunities to replace products which can offer longer operational life, extending the time between replacements, reduce breakdowns and increase production uptime.

    We will seek to reduce your inventory by analysing current usage patterns using the Hayley Stock Analyser software. We will establish which products need to be kept within your stores, what is available from local branch stock, and what can be shipped directly from manufacturers.

    Working directly with our supply partners we can replace existing products with more innovative technology. Providing an opportunity for greater energy efficiency and reliability.

    We can offer fixed product pricing for the term of a contract, and in many cases where previous pricing information is provided, we can demonstrate costs savings against previous suppliers. Fixed pricing not only offers stability in pricing but also allows more people to purchase within an organisation.

    We offer consignment stock on a wide range of products. Enabling customers to reduce their stockholding on fast moving lines.

    Analysing stock usage alongside availability and criticality, we can recommend which spares should be held and where they should be held in relation to your operations.

    We can compile bespoke kits where regular usage of the same parts is a routine occurrence. Reducing stocking levels of individual products in stores, and decreasing stores traffic, while ensuring a complete list of spares are available when and where required.

    Products are delivered directly to the site or line as required, rather than shipping goods to the stores’ area and then have production call off the product. This form of push stock management reduces inventory and multiple handling of products.

    We can develop a programme of placing spares line side to create a direct feed of spares or production parts. Removing the requirement to collect goods from stores, reducing stock outs and demonstrating a reduction in raising orders.

    We can integrate via electronic transfer for purchase orders, invoices and order acknowledgements. Minimising the administrative burden and streamlining processes.

    A vendor managed inventory solution enables our customers to pass the control of the range of products on to us with confidence that we have the skills and technology to manage stock levels effectively.

    A highly customisable online ordering platform available 24/7/365 from any internet enabled device through a web browser. It contains only products agreed with the customer based upon contract pricing. It has the ability to integrate via punch-out and any other protocol.

    We support our customers through facilitating training on a wide range of products and topics. This is either conducted in-house or via our supply partners. Charges at a reduced rate, or free dependant on the training required.

    As part of any contractual agreement, we assign our branch locations against customer sites. Ensuring that there is rapid coverage and access to critical products components for emergency reactive maintenance situations.

    Due to the wide range of supply partners and stock availability, this enables orders to be consolidated under a single supplier. Reducing the number of deliveries and therefore carriage costs.

    We offer the facility to operate with blanket ordering for increased convenience. This means a single order number can be submitted to cover a predefined time period or budget amount. Then all orders can be placed on a single invoice.

    We accept most major credit cards and can work with you to set up specific accounts within our system to help track company-wide credit card transactions.

    We are able to consolidate all invoices into a single report at a time interval our customer requires. Either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly invoices as standard, however, we can offer alternatives to match your accounting needs. Offering easier reconciliation of dispatch notes against an invoice, reducing administration processes.

    Having a wealth of in-house experience and working in close collaboration with our supply partners, we are able to identify, recommend and implement solutions to increase customer energy efficiency. Reducing costs and impact upon the environment.

    We work closely with our specialist partners to create bespoke stores solutions, from site visits, planning, through to implementation, we will be with you every step of the way. Learning from many successful projects we will maximise the use of workspace, improve staff efficiency, and ensure health and safety concerns are dealt with.