Industry Sectors

Operating for over 40 years we have built up a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced across a wide range of industry sectors.

We are proud to claim a host of prestigious and highly complex organisations within each of the sectors that we operate as customers, among thousands of regional SME’s that operate within challenging and diverse supply chains of their own.

We have adapted our approach and operations to better serve specific industry sector needs. This includes the recruitment of staff with backgrounds from the key industry sectors, and investing within specific infrastructure and technologies to support customer operations. Where applicable we have acquired additional certification and relevant industry body recognition to further enhance our credibility and regulatory compliance.

Key industry sectors include:

Aerospace & Aviation

turbine for aerospace


Aggregates industry


agriculture tractor in field


car assembly line

Building Materials

asphalt plant


chemical plant pipeworkk and drive


building materials bricks and mortar in a wall

Facilities Management

tall buildings taken from a worms-eye-view perspective

Food & Beverages

bottling line bottles on a conveyor belt


metal cutting with sparks flying


load of paper at a paper mill


plastic bottles and plastic products on a conveyor belt


Railway rails going off into the distance


Power station chimneys

Warehousing & Distribution

wooden pallets

Waste & Recycling

Bale of recyclable materials

Find out How We've Helped

Over the years we have helped customers from across the range of industry sectors that we service, to overcome issues and improve their operations. Find-out how by heading over to our Media Centre and sorting by "Case Studies".