Key Facts

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of engineering components, consumables and related services we have stacked up an impressive set of credentials

Established 1976

With a pedigree dating back over four decades, we continue to be a steady and reliable industrial supply partner for thousands of engineering professionals across the UK.

Over 50 branches across the UK

We continue to invest in our branch network to ensure we operate close to our customers. Providing access to stock, services, and technical personnel, our customers rely on to maintain operations.

Over 1,200 Employees

People continue to be a cornerstone of our business and are fundamental to providing industry-leading customer service. We continue to invest in our staff and recruit the best in the industry.

Over £300m Sales turnover

As a business we continue to grow, going from strength to strength, and establishing ourselves as one of the UK’s leading players within the industrial supply industry. This enables us to provide the scale and depth of offer required to fulfil the largest and most complex of supply agreements.

Over £34m of Group Stock

We have built up an impressive stock profile of key engineering components, unrivalled within the industry. Over half of our stock is stored at local to enable same-day collection for customer break-downs and rapid delivery.

Fit for the challenges of tomorrow

In 2016, Hayley Group became an integral part of the global industrial and construction supply group Descours et Cabaud, operating under the industrial division of DEXIS Europe.

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Established 1782

13,700+ Employees

720+ Branches across Europe & North America


Turnover of 4BN+€

While retaining our founding principles, being part of a larger group has facilitated unprecedented levels of investment, enabled us to secure authorised status for many new leading brands, and has ensured that we are fit for the challenges of tomorrow