Cloud-based Industrial Vending

SmartVend from Hayley Group is the very latest in industrial vending technology, specified, installed, and maintained by our dedicated in-house vending solutions team.

The industrial vending technology provides businesses with a lean, controlled flow of product to the point of use.

Work smarter

  • Control wasteful usage
  • Reduce inventory
  • Minimise walking and waiting time
  • Track usage by a variety of different metrics
  • Automate reordering

Available in a variety of different models and configurations, all industrial vending devices are driven by cloud-based software. This means that there is no requirement for expensive or complicated software and server installations or maintenance. This enables these devices to be extremely cost-effective and easy to implement in comparison to previous generation systems.


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Video: An Introduction to SmartVend Industrial Vending


SmartVend Megastore

Combines smart cabinet and drawers to track your toughest dispensing challenges


  • Easy access, easy tracking
  • Ultra-high-density inventory control
  • Automatically tracks inventory
  • Controls user access
  • Flexible configurations
  • Supports a wide range of user ID

SmartVend Edge 5000

Provides user-level access control and individual item dispensing


  • Adjustable shelf height and tray configurations
  • Patented verified-vend technology
  • Broad range of dispense accessories
  • Supports a wide range of user ID
  • Padded delivery bay
  • Heavy-duty construction

SmartVend Autostore

Individual compartment control for reusable assets and self-service automated order pickup


  • Secure access
  • Versatile compartments
  • Enhanced product visibility
  • Supported user access
  • Keep assets charged
Autostore Racking

SmartVend Solo

Exceptional control for small parts and tools


  • Exceptional small item control
  • Easy integration
  • Flexible mount options
  • Exclusive soft belt conveyor
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SmartVend Intelli-Sense

Each bin automatically detects restock levels and sends real-time replenishment orders, eliminating the need for manual counting


  • Time-saving smart bins
  • Faster low-stock notifications
  • Easy replenishment
  • Flexible configurations
  • Bright lighting
  • Fast and easy set-up