Road 2 Net Zero

Supporting you on your decarbonisation journey.

The Hayley Group Road 2 Net Zero programme charts our progress towards our aim to become Net Zero by 2050 at the latest, and in our role in supporting the move towards Net Zero within UK industry.

This page will update regularly with news from around Hayley Group, case studies illustrating where we have supported customers in moving towards a decarbonised future, and product bulletins highlighting innovative products available through our branch network with a strong carbon reduction benefit.

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Our Road 2 net zero intersects with yours

Decarbonisation is a process that is high on the agenda for many of our customers. As a key player in the UK industrial supply chain, we have recognised the importance of decarbonisation by launching our ‘Road 2 Net Zero’ programme in May 2022. The Hayley Road 2 Net Zero will document our progress towards our goal of becoming net zero carbon by 2050.

We view our own decarbonisation journey as one that is entwined with those of our supply partners and our customers too. Click on the different headings below to find out more about how our own road will intersect with suppliers and customers en route to a decarbonised, cleaner, and better future...

6 Ways That Hayley Group Enables Customers to Become More Environmentally Sustainable

1. Reducing Energy Consumption

2. Ensuring Optimum Product Service Life

  • We work with our supply partner network and expertise of our product specialist teams to be able to recommend products with improved durability and reliability for all manner of applications.
  • We are able to provide condition-based monitoring hardware and services, giving you early warning of mechanical issues before failures and downtime have chance to impact your operations.

3. Reducing Product Wastage

  • Our Hayley SmartVend™ industrial vending machines are enabled by cloud-based technology, allowing the system to improve how stock levels are managed by only reordering products when required, and dispensing on an old-before-new basis.
  • Our Hayley SmartTime system is an integrated stores management solution that is proven to optimise how stock is managed and utilised over time, helping to avoid wastage.

4. Ensuring a More Localised Supply Chain

  • We have over 50 branches and specialist centres across the United Kingdom, all with a healthy stockholding to serve local customers.
  • We continually invest in local stockholding to ensure customers have access to the engineering components and consumables that they need, local to their operations.

5. Reducing Fresh Water Usage

  • We tap into the specialist product knowledge across our business, supported by our manufacturing partners, to recommend solutions to reduce water consumption.
  • Solutions include more hydro-efficient pumps, reducing pressure or nozzle sizes in washdown equipment and implementing an optimised filtration system.

6. Reducing Environmental Contamination

  • We assist customers in implementing spill control measures and supplying spill control products where they are needed, to prevent contamination of the ground or nearby watercourses.

Learn more about the ways that we work with customers to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations by reading the full article here.

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