About Us

Welcome to Hayley Group, the home of engineering essentials.

Since 1976 we have been one the UK’s foremost value-added suppliers of leading-brand engineering components, consumables, and related support services. Our purpose is to enable our customers to maintain operations, strive for operational efficiencies, whilst improving the safety of personnel.

Your Trusted Partner

We are a trusted partner of choice for 10,000’s of maintenance, engineering and purchasing professionals across the UK. Servicing a wide variety of industry sectors where mechanical and electrical infrastructure or personal safety forms a critical component of their operations. We can proclaim many of the UK’s leading manufacturers, transportation, facilities management, and utility companies as long-standing customers.

A team of Time-served professionals

The organisation comprises of a growing team of over 1,000 professionals that includes time-served engineers with hands-on mechanical and electrical experience, through to qualified purchasing professionals that understand modern procurement management techniques and processes. Ensuring that you deal with individuals that understand, have experienced and solved many of the issues you face within your organisation. We continue to invest heavily in specialist staff to further enhance our technical capabilities and service provision in-light of emerging technologies and changes within the industry sectors we serve.

Local and National Coverage

We provide a complete 24 hours a day, 365 days a year service from our expanding network of over 50 branches and specialist centres; covering every corner of the UK, stretching from Redruth, to Norwich, up to Inverness, all the way to Belfast. Supported by a fleet of our own vans and trucks to provide an immediate and local service our customers depend upon. All of our branches have trade counters, meaning that you can call at the branch in person for everyday consumables, or collect for more urgent requirements.

Going further than component supply

We work closely with our supply partners to go much further than component supply. In many cases working in collaboration to solve complex customer challenges. Our authorised distributor status for these leading brands provides the guarantees our customers demand knowing that they are purchasing genuine products that conform to stated performance and safety standards. These close relationships also enable us to ensure access to stocks of the critical components and consumables our customers rely upon.

Fit for the challenges of tomorrow

In 2016 Hayley Group became an integral part of the global industrial and construction supply group Descours et Cabaud, operating under the industrial division of DEXIS Europe. While retaining our founding principles, being part of a larger group has facilitated unprecedented levels of investment, enabled us to secure authorised status for many new leading brands and ensures we are fit for the challenges of tomorrow.