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Loctite Instant Adhesives

LOCTITE Instant Adhesives from Henkel

Introducing the latest innovation from Henkel – a line of instant adhesives and activators formulated with more globally-acceptable raw materials.

Maintenance Essentials 9

Maintenance Essentials Issue 9: Available Now

Maintenance Essentials Issue 9 is available to view online and download now, featuring articles on Hose Self-assembly Systems, Belzona Coatings, PPE Open Days, and more!

3M Maintenance-free Respirator 4000 Series

3M Series 4000+ Series Reusable Respirators

The 3M 4000+ Series is a range of half-mask reusable respirators with integral filters providing combined gas, vapour and solid particulate protection.

Hayley 24 7 Skf Certified

Reasons to Use an SKF-certified Rebuilder

You can stop the cycle of continual repair costs and downtime by having an SKF Certified Rebuilder repair your gearboxes.

belzona coating being applied to a pump casing

3 Benefits Offered by Belzona Products for Industrial Pump Applications

Darren Harris, Pump Services Manager (Hayley 24/7)   Darren has been managing the Pump Services department at Hayley 24/7 since 2019. He has spent the majority of his career working with industrial pumps and has been working with Belzona products since 1989 when he was first trained to apply Belzona 1341 to split case pumps…

respiratory protective equipment from 3M

5 Things that Respiratory Protective Equipment Must ‘Do’ or ‘Be’ to Effectively Protect Wearers

In this article, Joe picks-out five key things that RPE needs to ‘do’ or ‘be’ to provide effective and long-lasting respiratory protection for workers. These considerations can be vital to ensure you select both adequate and suitable protection.

Road 2 Net Zero Launch Programme

Hayley Group Launches ‘Road 2 Net Zero’ Programme

Hayley Group is pleased to announce its ‘Road 2 Net Zero’ programme which sets out the company’s vision for a greener, more sustainable future.

Benefits Of Implementing Hose Self Assembly Systems

5 Key Benefits of Implementing Hose Self-assembly Systems with Hayley Fluid Power

Hayley Fluid Power has seen a growth in the number of enquiries and sales of Gates® self-assembly starter kits, with the kits being a real value-added success story for these customers.