Translucent, non-toxic grease that has been designed for the long-term lubrication of seals, ‘O’ rings, slides, slow speed bearings and other similar light to medium-duty applications.


  • Excellent wide temperature resistance from -40oC to +200oC.
  • Outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils, and gases when compared to standard greases.
  • Excellent resistance to water, including salt water, protecting even submerged components.
  • Approved for use in both hot and cold (potable/drinking) water.
  • Commonly used for the assembly of rubber seals, tap washers, and 'o' rings.
  • WRAS-approved (number: 1704534).
  • Available in a convenient 85g tube, and in 500g and 5kg containers.


To enquire about this product, or any of the ROCOL offering, contact your local Hayley Group branch.