ROCOL® ULTRAGUARD® is a range of powerful machine tool care and system cleaner products, supporting ROCOL’s water-mix metalworking fluids to ensure that your applications work harder and machinery stays in optimum condition.


  • Range contains 4 products; ULTRAGUARD BX 2000, ULTRAGUARD AF 5000, ULTRAGUARD FX 1000, and ULTRAGUARD SC.
  • ULTRAGUARD BX 2000 is specially-designed to give long-lasting protection against bacteria.
  • ULTRAGUARD AF 5000's non-silicone antifoam formula supports all types of metalworking fluids.
  • ULTRAGUARD FX 1000 is formulated to eliminate fungal growth that can cause troublesome blockages.
  • ULTRAGUARD SC's biocide-based cleanser and slime remover cleans and disinfects in one operation.
  • All ULTRAGUARD products contribute to both the cleanliness and efficiency of metalworking fluids, improving working conditions and reducing operating costs as a result.
  • All products in the range are available in a 5L pack size, except ULTRAGUARD SC, which is available in a 20L container.


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