3M Protecta® Rebel Self-retracting Lifelines represent an economic fall protection solution that don’t compromise on either performance or safety. Stop a fall in its tracks with a speed-sensing braking system that acts quickly. Available in various models to suit different requirements.


  • Housed in a durable and lightweight protective casing.
  • Lifelines across the range are either made from strong polyester webbing, galvanised cable, or stainless steel, ensuring reliable fall protection.
  • Available in a range of lengths from 1.9m - 30m.
  • The Rebel Retrieval model incorporates a 3-way emergency retrieval winch for rescue in confined spaces.
  • Certified to CE standard EN360.
  • Extends and retracts to allow users to move freely at normal speeds.
  • Compatible with 3M Protecta Tripod for confined space entry and retrieval.



For technical information and product specifications, please see the manufacturers' website.


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