Various sizes and dimensions of FAG Spherical Roller Bearings (SRBs) from Schaeffler, are available in the innovative X-life™ quality. Standing for ‘extended life’, X-life™ SRBs have all of the characteristics of conventional SRBs with the added benefits of considerably higher performance levels and increased life. They are marked by the suffix ‘XL’ in the bearing designation. FAG bearings.


  • Have the capacity to carry both very high radial loads and relatively high axial loads.
  • Designed for environments where dynamic or static misalignments and shaft flexing and deflections must be freely compensated for.
  • Able to dynamically support high shock, making them especially suitable for vibratory machinery.
  • The X-life™ design consists of a higher surface quality of the contact areas, optimised contact geometry between rollers and raceways, new roller dimensions with crowned ends and an optimised cage design, to enhance performance.
  • X-life™ bearings run with reduced friction, lowering heat generation and improving energy efficiency.
  • Offers reduced lubricant consumption, extending maintenance intervals as a result.
  • Able to cope with higher running speeds than regular SRBs.
  • Suitable for use in paper machine dryer roller and calender rollers.



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