WypAll® ForceMax is the #1 industrial wiping products according to users.* Each cloth offers high-quality and reliable wiping performance with its nonwoven cloth construction containing cotton, cellulose, and polypropylene fibres for superior strength and absorbency.


  • Absorbs 40% more oil, 5x faster than rags or laundered cloths.
  • Uses trademarked Hydroknit™, a super-absorbent, tear resistant hybrid material.
  • Delivers consistent and reliable wiping performance.
  • Helps to improve user productivity and efficiency.
  • Saves storage space by occupying 68% less shelf space than rags.
  • Cuts waste disposal by up to 78%.
  • Innovative ForceMax box system indicates number of cloths remaining - never run out again!
  • Available in boxed quantities of 480 sheets.



Speak to your local Hayley Group team to enquire about WypAll ForceMax.



*vs other WypAll products, and mixed, laundered and white cotton rags.



Maintenance Essentials Issue 6 stacked-up on a table containing Hayley Group products

WypAll ForceMax cloths feature in Issue 6 of Maintenance Essentials. Access a digital copy of the magazine by clicking the button below.