The innovative E.516ST Smart Torque Wrench from FACOM® delivers precise, high-speed operation, and increased precision on every job where accurate torque is critical. Users benefit from state-of-the-art functionality which includes Bluetooth connectivity, enabling the use of a dedicated app for unbeatable data-led insight.


  • Easy to set-up and use.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for use with FACOM® app, enabling the user to make quick adjustments to meet exact manufacturer's specifications.
  • Particularly suitable for intensive or repetitive applications.
  • Improve speed and productivity with saved "favourite" torque values that can be recalled for repetitive use.
  • Haptic and visual alerts warn the user as correct torque value is close/reached.
  • All torque values are recorded and synced within the FACOM® app.
  • High-contrast and illuminated OLED display indicates tightening progress.
  • Comes complete with robust charging dock for rechargeable battery.
  • IP54 certified for resistance to water and dust ingress. FACOM® app also provides detailed product guides and training.
  • Available in 3 different models, capable of delivering varied ranges.


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