Hayley Group has been awarded a bronze medal for sustainability by EcoVadis. This means that sustainability requirements have been met for this tier of award, through the EcoVadis assessment process. You can find out more about the EcoVadis assessment process here.

The EcoVadis sustainability recognition levels are based on the percentile rank of your company’s EcoVadis score and a minimum theme score*. The medals’ criteria are reviewed periodically. For the bronze medal, Hayley Group has scored within the top 50% (overall score between 47 and 55).

Hayley Group are now aiming to gain the silver medal in the coming months.



*No medal is assigned for overall scores below 50 or if there is a theme score below 30 in any of the Environment, Labour & Human Rights, and/or Ethics themes or below 25 in the Sustainable Procurement theme.
*Percentile rank is calculated across all companies in all industries, not per industry.



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