NSK creep-free bearings are indispensable for a wide-range of equipment, particularly electric motors. Tensioned o-rings mounted in the bearing outer ring improve creep-prevention under rotating loads. The product offers easy assembly and the possibility of reusable housings.


  • Features two nitrile rubber o-rings, mounted in the outer ring.
  • Compatible with Ester oils.
  • Available in standard bearing sizes.
  • For use with loose-fitting housings.
  • Operating temperature range of -30ºC and +120ºC.
  • Offers improved creep-prevention by restricting clearance between the bearings' outer ring and housing.
  • With more reduced housing clearance, creep prevention is further improved.
  • With very little abrasion occurring on the bore surface of the housing, housing re-use is possible.
  • Thanks to housing reusability, no reworking is necessary in replacement.
  • Easy to assemble and replace.


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First for Bearings

This product features in Issue 4 of our First For Bearings magazine, published in September 2021.