The SmartVend SV250 vending machine offers an alternative way to store and dispense items. With its large capacity elevator bin and innovative conveyor-type delivery channel, products are dispensed quickly and easily, with no errors.


  • Large capacity elevator bin ensures products are not dropped.
  • Conveyor-delivery overcomes
    traditional vending machine spiral issues.
  • Less space-consuming and able to deal with a wide variety of products from fragile items and tool components to PPE and stationery.
  • Sizing and configuration made simpler.
  • User access by keypad, proximity, or biometrics.
  • Rule-based access provides high level of security and accountability.
  • 3G and 4G connections supported.
  • Remotely syncs to web-based management portal.
  • Powered by VEPO Connect™ technology.
  • Scheduler for reports and purchase orders.


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Smartvend SV250 Product Bulletin
Maintenance Essentials Issue 7

The SmartVend SV250 conveyor-delivery vending machine features in Maintenance Essentials Issue 7. Get your digital copy by clicking the button below.