The Gadus S5 range of synthetic base oil multi-purpose greases from Shell offers advanced performance across a variety of standard and heavy-duty applications. Products in this range have been developed to overcome challenges including low or high temperatures, speeds, and load profiles.


  • Synthetic base oils with Lithium complex soap-thickeners.
  • Offers advanced level of efficient protection.
  • Shell Gadus S5 V100 for use in electric motors, fans, and light-loaded roller element or plain bearings, and in temperatures between -50°C and up to +150°C.
  • Shell Gadus S5 V460 for heavy-duty applications such as in large roller bearings with heavy loads and lower speeds, and temperatures between -30ºC to + 170°C.
  • Shell Gadus S5 V42P for use in high-speed and extreme-pressure applications including plain and roller bearings.


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Maintenance Essentials Issue 8

This product features in Issue 8 of our Maintenance Essentials magazine.