by Chris Brinton, eCommerce Manager


Chris heads up the Hayley Group eCommerce team, and is responsible for the development, implementation and support of Hayley Group’s eProcurement platform Hayley SmartShop. With many successful large-scale implementations now in place, Chris discusses 7 key areas such a platform can benefit you and your business.

You need your operation to run smoothly at all times. That means the supply of your tools, equipment, components and consumables needs to be reliable and consistent. Procuring these items can be a time-consuming process, often involving multiple vendors and a degree of risk. Hayley SmartShop streamlines the procurement process of vital supplies to your business. Developed to work in synergy with our branch network, our B2B eCommerce platform gives you all of the benefits of eCommerce alongside our industry-leading customer service. An effective punchout solution, it connects seamlessly with leading eProcurement systems.


1. Save time searching through multiple vendors

Whether you need an urgent component replacement, or you’re replenishing stocks of PPE, Hayley SmartShop significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to source vendors and products. By offering a one-stop online platform with a user friendly interface, you can quickly find exactly what you need with no need for dealing with multiple vendors. You don’t even need to spend time searching through our extensive range of stock, as our platform allows you to create an entirely custom catalogue of products to suit your individual business needs. Return time and time again to repeat order your products in just a few clicks.


2. Have confidence in 100% genuine products

When you purchase through Hayley SmartShop, you can be confident that your products are all 100% genuine. All of our stock is sourced directly from our trusted manufacturers, so you never need to worry about quality standards. When you buy from many other online vendors, this level of guarantee simply isn’t there. Instead, you may be running the risks associated with lesser quality or even counterfeit goods. There is no need to waste time and money buying products that could negatively impact reliability or put staff at unnecessary risk.


3. Hassle-free implementation

Hayley SmartShop is available completely free of charge to our account customers. With no set-up or subscription fees to budget for, you can start enjoying the benefits of our platform immediately. You don’t need a separate account to access Hayley SmartShop either, as all orders will be charged to your existing Hayley Group account. Providing you have an active account with us, all we need to get you up and running are the email addresses and designated roles of your nominated users. We’ll typically have you set-up in five working days, dependent on the complexity of your custom catalogue requirements.


4. Enjoy clear and consistent pricing for stock and non-stock items

You can have full confidence in the pricing and trading terms for all products available via the platform. Containing three levels of pricing, Hayley SmartShop provides you with both clarity and flexibility. The pricing of all contract items are agreed during set-up, with all non-contract items enjoying standard pricing across the board. For highly-specialised or custom-built products not in the catalogue, Hayley SmartShop provides users with an inbuilt RFQ function. Once a quote has been generated, it can be accepted within the platform, giving you a convenient and traceable way to procure bespoke items. If you need to order particular bespoke items frequently, you can request for them to be made available on the platform; either individually or in bulk using the spreadsheet upload feature.


5. Order anytime or anywhere

At Hayley Group, we recognise that business doesn’t only operate 9-5 Monday to Friday. That’s why Hayley SmartShop is available both out of hours and at weekends. Browse and order from your custom catalogue at a time that suits you. You don’t need to be at your desk or on the shop floor to access the products you need either, as users can enjoy the full functionality of Hayley SmartShop on a tablet or mobile phone, so you can order on-the-go.


6. Integrate with your existing systems

Hayley SmartShop has been developed with the customer experience firmly in mind. That’s why it’s able to integrate with leading eProcurement systems such as SAP, Ariba, Oracle, Coupa, Jaggaer and many more. Our eCommerce team work closely with your nominated branch throughout the on-boarding process, to implement the optimal configuration for you. This enables a fast implementation of the platform, and a smooth user experience going forwards.


7. Access Hayley Group expertise

Hayley SmartShop provides users with the technical support and quality customer service that our customers have come to expect from us. A suite of helpful technical support features is contained within the platform, including FAQs, User Guides and How-to Video Demonstrations. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for, we’re always available via phone or email during normal office hours.




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