The dedicated Fluid Power division at Hayley Group have been working on a brand-new brochure that is able to communicate their rich product and service offering to customers operating specifically in the food and beverage industry. The team are proud to announce that this brochure is now available as a digital download from the Hayley Group website, and as a physical print on request.


Hayley Fluid Power have produced the 12-page brochure to showcase the solutions available for businesses in the industry who face common challenges around the need for high speed, high volume, and round-the-clock production, as well as the requirement to meet exacting hygiene standards. In light of this, some of the products that are included are; hygienically-designed components, air filters, process valves and actuators, and condition monitoring devices to improve maintenance planning.


Additional services and technologies provided by Hayley Fluid Power, proven to deliver valuable benefits such as maximising production and efficiency, and reducing both energy costs and the risk of mechanical breakdowns, are also incorporated. Highlights include the innovative Hayley Pneu-Saver, guaranteed to reduce compressed air consumption by 45%, and surveys providing analysis on critical spares, obsolescence, or air leakage.


John Jones, Hayley Fluid Power Director said, “We are really pleased to be able to bring this brochure to our branch network and customers in an industry that has had its critical status further magnified by the Coronavirus pandemic. Hayley Fluid Power can supply and advise on a diverse range of products particularly suitable for the unique challenges of food and beverage businesses in the categories of pneumatics, hydraulics, process, and filtration.”


He added, “Down the years we have helped hundreds of customers to improve how they meet their operational challenges, helping them to boost production capacity and reduce costs in the process. This brochure encapsulates the value that we provide for our customers in the demanding food and beverage industry.“