The ProTronic®+ electronic torque and angle wrench from Norbar® is precise, versatile, configurable and connectable. it retains all of the features available in the standard version of ProTronic® with additional advanced features added. Equipped with Bluetooth®, the ProTronic® Plus works alongside a specially-created app for more intuitive control.


  • Features four alert modes (LCD, progressive LCD, audible, vibration) provide user feedback when torque target is near
  • Large LCD screen with bright backlight to optimise viewing
  • Detachable ratchets on models 100, 200 and 340, allowing easy customisation from Norbar’s range of end fittings
  • Wide range of advanced customisable user features allow the user to tailor the tool to their own unique needs/preferences
  • Power interruption technology helps to prevent loss of work and continuity if the wrench is impacted
  • Patent-pending torque and angle combo modes allow for monitoring of both simultaneously
  • Works alongside newly-developed app designed for live streaming of readings as they are taken
  • Up to 50 presets able to be programmed into the tool
  • Sequence programming capability allows users to chain together presets into required sequences

To enquire about the ProTronic+ Electronic Torque and Angle Wrench, contact your local Hayley Group branch.