Test kits and accessories designed to help your organisation meet regulatory fit testing requirements for tight fitting respirators. The kits can be used to validate face to respirator seal on any disposable respirator or half mask respirator. Not suitable for fit testing full facepiece respirators - this must be through Quantitative face fit testing.


  • Kit includes hood, collar, 2x nebulisers, bitter-tasting sensitivity solution and
    laminated user instructions.
  • FT-30 uses a test solution of dentonium benzoate to produce a very bitter-tasting spray.
  • Spare hoods, nebulisers and solutions
    are also available.
  • 3M™ and Hayley recommend users are face-fit tested before using a respirator and repeated regularly as part of their occupational respiratory protection program.
  • Users must be clean-shaven to achieve a good fit with any respirator device, so must also be clean-shaven when testing takes place.
  • Simple two-step test which includes both sensitivity and fit testing elements, as well as seven recommended easy exercises.