As a leading supplier of engineering components, consumables, and related value-added services to UK industry since 1976, we have witnessed plenty of changes to the way that businesses operate. During that time, the focus on the issue of environmental sustainability has intensified for our customers. Because of this, we have continually adapted to service their changing requirements. As a result, we have a documented track record of successes where customers have reduced their impact on the world in which we all live.


Here, we explore some of the ways that Hayley Group continues to assist customers in improving their environmental sustainability.


1. Reducing Energy Consumption

Perhaps the most evident way that we help our customers to become more environmentally sustainable is by reducing their energy consumption. Below are some ways that we achieve this:

a. Cutting-edge product innovations.

We work in collaboration with hundreds of world-leading manufacturers across our diverse product offering to provide the latest innovations with an energy-saving focus. Whether it’s implementing premium efficiency electric motors, recommending lubricants that offer enhanced thermal stability and operating performance, or offering the latest energy efficient belt drives, we have you covered.

B. The Hayley Pneu-Saver

Our very own Pneu-Saver device is capable of reducing compressed air consumption by a minimum of 45% (based on typical consumption data). This technology is unique to Hayley Group and has been developed to tackle the all-too-common and costly wastage of compressed air in pneumatic systems.

C. Compressed Air Leak and Optimisation Surveys

Other value-added services in the Hayley Group arsenal are our air leak and optimisation surveys. Delivered by our time-served team of pneumatic engineers, these fully-reported surveys identify leakages and opportunities to optimise compressed air usage. The experienced manpower we have available also enables us to complete all recommended repairs and upgrades ourselves.

D. Specialist Pump Services

We have dedicated facilities for improving the hydraulic efficiency of pumping assets. These facilities are used by specialist engineers to reduce the amount of energy needed to run industrial pumping assets, infamous for their power-hungry nature. The use of innovative solutions such as Belzona 1341 hydrophobic coating, has made a considerable impact in this area.


2. Ensuring Optimum Product Service Life

You want your machinery to provide you with the longest service life possible, especially if you invest heavily in ensuring your maintenance programmes are as effective as possible. We want the same. Not only do longer-lasting components bring your costs down, they also require less manufacturing and transportation, reducing the environmental impact as a result. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the entire supply chain.


By working with our network of supply partners, and calling upon the decades of experience we have available in each of our product specialist teams, we can recommend products with improved durability and reliability. Regardless of application or environment, our teams have likely worked with similar situations before, and are ready and waiting to advise you on the best solution for your requirements; be it a bearing, power transmission product, hydraulic hose, lubricant, or something else.


3. Reducing Product Wastage

Across many industry sectors that we work in, a recurring problem exists with money being tied up in the stocking and storage of goods. Industrial consumables such as lubricants and janitorial products are the most susceptible to expiration, but many goods have some form of shelf-life. Through the years, we have seen hundreds of examples where products have lived out their entire lifespan in storage, representing a waste when these products are disposed of without being used.


Practical solutions such as Hayley SmartVend™ and Hayley SmartTime have been developed to help alleviate this problem among others, including improving asset management and streamlining purchasing processes. Hayley SmartVend™ industrial vending machines are enabled by cloud-based technology, allowing the system to improve how stock levels are managed by only reordering products when required, and dispensing on an old-before-new basis. On the other hand, Hayley SmartTime is an integrated stores management solution that is proven to optimise how stock is managed and utilised over time, helping to avoid wastage.


4. Ensuring a More Localised Supply Chain

Hayley Group have over fifty branches and specialist centres across the United Kingdom, stretching from Inverness in the north to Redruth in the south, and Ballymena in the west to Norwich in the east. Sixty percent of our stock is held at branch level, meaning that our customers benefit from having critical components and consumables close to where they need them most. By maintaining our nationwide coverage, and continuing to invest in local stockholding, the road mileage required to get products to our customers is kept to a minimum. Fewer transportation miles being carried out by Hayley trucks and vans on the UK’s roads helps to reduce the size of the carbon footprint involved in servicing customers’ needs.


5. Reducing Fresh Water Usage

We work with a range of customers who use water and pumping equipment as part of their operation. From those dealing with large-scale water treatment challenges to those who have a necessity for frequent washdowns, like food, beverage, and pharmaceutical manufacturers. By using our own specialist product knowledge, and with support from our supply partners, we regularly recommend solutions proven to reduce water consumption. Whether this involves simply installing a more efficient pump with a variable speed drive, optimising water pressures and lance nozzle sizes used for cleaning, or building in an innovative process filtration system to prevent water contamination and wastage, at Hayley Group we can help in countless ways to lower customers' water usage, cutting costs as an added bonus.


6. Reducing Environmental Contamination

By the very nature of industrial activity and the materials involved in manufacturing processes, there are often spillage-related hazards and contamination risks. Having worked alongside our customers for the best part of fifty years, we have developed solutions to assist them in reducing the risks of contamination and the damaging consequences that come with it. For instance, our work in recommending and implementing spill control measures cuts the risk of chemicals and lubricants posing a threat to the environment, for example, by preventing their flow into the ground or nearby watercourses.


Road 2 Net Zero logo

Our Road 2 Net Zero programme charts our progress towards the aim of becoming Net Zero carbon by 2050 at the latest. It also promotes the ways in which we support UK industrial customers in their own journeys towards Net Zero.