The severity of workplace injuries depends on the protection that you are wearing at the time, and your hands are certainly one of the most precious tools you have. Obviously, high-quality gloves are essential, but you don’t want to wear gloves that will make you uncomfortable or less precise in your work, and you also need something affordable. Opsial has new solutions designed for you.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that each year, around 30% of all workplace injuries involve cuts and lacerations, with 12% of those on the hands. While some of these injuries would be classified as being minor nicks and scrapes, others require medical attention.

For more than 20 years, Opsial has been creating personal protection equipment (PPE) for professionals, helping them to excel in their field and work effectively, while ensuring user safety. Opsial has previously launched gloves to the market that are made from highly-innovative fibres such as Kyorene® and Dyneema®. Today, the brand is paving the way for the next-generation of pioneering cut-resistant safety gloves to protect hands, without hindering dexterity or compromising on comfort.


1. Tailored to customer's needs

Our experience tells us that choosing gloves always involves a compromise on either efficacy, comfort, or cost. The new range of cut-resistant Opsial gloves means professionals no longer have to compromise on optimal levels of protection or comfort, or competitive price points.

We have designed a range of versatile, cut-resistant gloves with the option of either polyurethane or nitrile coatings, depending on customers’ unique requirements. The polyurethane-coated (PU) range of Opsial cut-resistant gloves is the perfect option for dry environments. Made from thin, flexible and breathable materials, this line of products offers excellent grip and dexterity, while offering exceptional anti-abrasive and tear-resistant properties.

In greasy and oily environments, Opsial’s nitrile-coated cut-resistant gloves ensure high-resistance to perforation and excellent anti-abrasive and tear-resistant properties. They also offer great protection against oils and grease. Products are available with two types of finishes: a “foam” finish for a comfortable second-skin feel, or a “sandy” option for an improved grip.


2. Strength of protection

Our extensive range, with protection levels ranging from cut-level B all the way to extreme F, includes a product fit for every application. There is a solution tailored to all of our clients: with low cut risks, minimal protection (B) is sufficient for light work such as assembling small parts; moderate protection (C) when handling sheet metal or carrying out minor repairs; good protection (D) is necessary to manufacture white goods and metal parts; high protection (E) is best; while very high protection (F) is essential for the most high-risk work such as heavy handling of metal, manufacturing glass, the paper industry, etc.


3. Power of precision

In general, the higher the protection level, the thicker the glove’s weave (standard 10-gauge), making it less flexible. However, Opsial made the decision to combine comfort and protection and produce PU and nitrile cut-resistant gloves available with a gauge of either 15 or 18. This ensures exceptional agility for the most intricate jobs, as well as unrivalled comfort with a fresh and silky touch in addition to very high protection levels (D to F).


4. Built-in advanced technologies

The KYOSAFE nitrile cut-resistant range is made up of a unique fibre: Kyorene®. Kyorene® is a new generation fibre made from graphene. Graphene is a crystalline layer of carbon atoms which form graphite when superimposed in sheets. Offering properties such as cut-resistance and the dissipation of heat and odours, graphene provides unmatched comfort.

Kyorene® has antibacterial capabilities and neutralises odours. As these features are natural and neutral, the gloves’ anti-odour properties remain unchanged even after washing. Using Kyorene® reduces the amount of sweat your hands produce throughout the day. Kyorene® absorbs radiation and dissipates heat through infra-red emission and mechanical convection. As graphene is extracted from carbon, its properties are completely natural and neutral for the user and the environment, unlike the chemical treatments used on other gloves on the market.


5. Affordable quality

For more than 20 years, we have been designing our products based on customer feedback, thanks to our direct link with our distribution network (720 outlets of sales in 14 countries).

Every year, we launch more than 500 new products and test new solutions in laboratories and in the field with our sales teams and clients.
To ensure a high level of quality from production to product delivery, our developments are subject to very strict specifications, we choose suppliers in line with our ethical values, raw materials are selected based on ISO 9001 qualification, our products are certified, and we work with 16 quality controllers.

But beyond certifications and production standards, we are driven by our desire to create accessible products that allow everyone to excel in their business: our products are not only there to protect those who use them, but also to improve their performance.


About Opsial

Opsial is the PPE own-brand of international industrial and construction supply company, Descours et Cabaud. Since 2016, Hayley Group has been part of Descours et Cabaud’s industrial arm, Dexis Europe.

Key stats

  • Descours & Cabaud Group turnover in 2020 of >€3.7bn€
  • >720 sales outlets in Europe and North America
  • >40 million pieces of PPE sold each year
  • Opsial brand turnover in 2020 of >100 million€
  • >65 different glove models
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