The Norgren® Excelon® Plus 82 Series box set with lubricator and shut-off valve provides an all-in-one combination, designed with safety in mind. The modules are locked together using the unique Quikclamp system, making the Excelon® Plus 82 Series incredibly easy to use with no compromise to robustness or performance.


  • 40 micron particle and high efficiency water removal (>95%).
  • Double safety lock on bowl, makes it impossible to remove when in-use.
  • Made from a lightweight polycarbonate material, with metal construction where it matters most.
  • Features an easy-to-read, flush-mounted pressure gauge.
  • All-round, 360º visibility of sightdome, for ease of drip-rate setting.
  • Shut-off valve and filter/regulator with tamper-resistant features as standard.
  • Easy to isolate system with no reduction in performance.
  • More compact than its predecessor.
  • IO-Link connectivity (IEPS).
  • Available port sizes: 1/4 and 3/8.


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