ROCOL TUFLUBE EXTREME is an extreme heavy duty, versatile and highly adhesive, grease formulated for telescopic crane booms. The product is a highly adhesive, high-load grease which will prevent crane booms seizing under arduous conditions.


  • Protects and lubricates booms in the wettest and most corrosive conditions.
  • Ensures smooth movement between wear pads and boom sections.
  • High load-carrying capacity.
  • Water-resistant, including to salt water.
  • Light-coloured grease for high-visibility and ease of inspection.
  • Reduces friction.
  • Highly adhesive.
  • Prolongs maintenance intervals and relubrication frequencies.
  • Extends equipment life.
  • Ensures smooth movement between parts.
  • Provides excellent lubricity.
  • Temperature range: -50oC to +160oC.
  • Recommended applications include;
    booms, telescopic arms, open gears, rollers, slew rings, cantilevers, winches, joints & couplings, tracks & rails, penstocks, sluice gates, winding gears & locks, and water treatment facilities.

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