ROCOL Wire Rope Dressing is a semi-fluid grease, based on highly refined mineral oil and an organically modified clay thickener.

  • The unique blend of lubricating solids contained in the product reduces the internal friction and wear often encountered in multi-strand wire ropes.
  • Highly water-resistant and suitable for underwater and salt water environments.
  • Able to penetrate through strands in wire rope, whilst being sufficiently greasy to resist fling-off.
  • Exhibits excellent lubrication properties which reduces wear on the wires and strands and maximises service life of the rope.
  • Provides a thin, non-tacky, film which prevents the build-up of dust and dirt on the wire rope.
  • Can be applied using a brush, swab or automatic lubricator.
  • Temperature range: +1°C to +40°C.
  • Can also be used as a semi-fluid high-load gearbox grease.
  • Recommended applications include; ropes operating in marine and other arduous environmental conditions on equipment such as hoists, drag lines, cranes, ships and ship hoists.

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