ROCOL SAPPHIRE 000 is a heavy-duty semi fluid grease designed for effective lubrication and protection of all types of ball, roller and plain bearings.


  • A soft semi-fluid grease developed for use in centralised lubrication systems where long pipe runs are inevitable.
  • Provides outstanding load-carrying capability/EP performance.
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance, protecting in humid and wet conditions.
  • Revolutionary multi-complex soap technology, offering superior performance.
  • Highly tenacious lubricants, with outstanding film strength, ensure the lubricants remain in place, even in severe operating conditions.
  • Blue in colour for high-visibility in use.
  • Maintains integrity in extreme conditions.
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +160ºC.
  • Recommended applications/industries include; ball & roller bearings, gearboxes, heavy industry, manufacturing, docks & ports, rail, automotive and construction.

If you are considering the ROCOL SAPPHIRE product to meet your lubrication requirements, simply contact your local Hayley Group branch team. You can find their details by using our Branch Finder tool.