ROCOL SAPPHIRE Hi-Power is a range of hydraulic, compressor and airline oils, designed to maximise power transfer whilst lubricating and dissipating heat to protect machinery and extend equipment life.


  • Available in a range of of viscosities to suit all hydraulic and pneumatic applications.
  • The products’ anti-wear additives dramatically reduce wear to extend component life.
  • The anti-oxidant additive package prevents chemical degradation of the oil, allowing optimum performance for longer, even at elevated temperatures.
  • Contains a low carry-over system to maximise air and oil separation and reduce foaming, ensuring clean air and efficient power transfer.
  • Compatible with most elastomers, gaskets and seals to avoid damage by shrinkage or swelling.
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance protects equipment from water damage.
  • Temperature range: -20ºC to +120ºC.
  • Contains a blue dye to help with detecting leaks.
  • Low-foaming formula provides more efficient lubrication.
  • Offers good filterability and is 100% zinc-free.


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