The new, manually-adjustable one-way flow control valve VFOE from Festo is the perfect solution for the majority of standard applications. Being compact and with its helpful push-to-lock functionality, the VFOE is particularly suitable for installation in tight spaces.


  • Available in M5 thread up to 1/2” and tubing connection 4-12mm, with both tapered (R) and parallel (G) thread.
  • Extremely compact and lightweight (up to 50% lighter than the Festo® GRLA-D series).
  • Makes it much easier to manually regulate the flow of a pneumatic cylinder.
  • Colour-coded rotary knobs guarantee easy identification of the appropriate valve function.
  • VFOE-LE is an L-shaped exhausting (E) valve identified by a dark blue adjusting element.
  • VFOE-LS is an L-shaped supplying (S) valve identified by a light blue adjusting element.
  • Quick push-in fitting enabling rapid installation and commissioning.
  • Compatible with a wide range of Festo® products.
  • Goes together perfectly with the tubing PUN-H, and combines with a pneumatic drive to give you everything needed to adapt the cylinder speed to your specific requirements.

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