A car manufacturer had four long-coupled end suction pumps that had been deemed beyond economical repair by another third party repairer. Each new replacement pump would cost £18k on a 5-6 month lead-time from the USA, meaning an expensive and drawn-out process for the customer. Hayley 24/7 Industrial Pumps team were given the opportunity to offer a second opinion.

A pump was sent to the Hayley 24/7 facility, installed on the state-of-the-art test rig and its performance analysed. Its hydraulic efficiency was down at 38.3%. Work began on a strip and inspection with reports of both processes submitted to the customer.

Read this case study to find-out how the project was conducted and to see how the customer is now set to save around £173k in annual energy costs.


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Maintenance Essentials 9

This case study features in Issue 9 of Maintenance Essentials magazine. Download your copy below.