The Situation

A manufacturer of wood products had suffered a breakdown to a HAWE directional seated valve on their press line. The entire press line was out of action. The customer had been informed by the OEM that the valve was now obsolete, and a conversion kit to enable the fitting of an alternative valve was available only on a 16-week lead time. With the valve failure threatening to wipe out the press line for the entirety of this duration, another alternative needed to be found.

The Solution

The customer contacted their local Hayley branch in a time of urgent need. Armed with photographs and all of the information from the valve, the team called-upon the technical support of the experts at the internal fluid power division. This collaboration resulted in a suitable alternative valve being sourced from stock, along with sub-base, fittings and seals.

All items were packaged and sent directly to the customer, arriving on-site just 24 hours after the failure had occurred. Two hours later, the new valve was installed and the press line was returned to full operation.

The original, failed valve was later collected by Hayley and a full, quality repair completed on it. This is now used as a spare to use once the new valve requires replacement.

The Result

The ability of Hayley to identify, source and deliver the replacement valve in a timeframe that was unachievable for other suppliers, enabled the customer to avoid £672,000 in lost revenue.

Hayley has also helped the customer to prevent failure to this component impacting their production in future by organising a repair to the failed HAWE valve. This valve is now stored on the customer’s premises, allowing a swift, same-day replacement when the new valve reaches the end of its serviceable life.



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