The Situation

Following a Health & Safety audit, it was found that engineers in a section of the customers’ aerospace manufacturing facility were not wearing respiratory protective equipment (RPE), when they should have been. Further work in this section would not be possible unless appropriate and fully-fitted protection was sourced.

The team at Hayley North East received the call and promptly sought the expert advice of the Hayley PPE department.

The Solution

Hayley PPE offers a face fit testing service for customers who require RPE, and it was arranged for a member of the team to be dispatched from Hayley Group’s Halesowen HQ immediately, ready for next-day testing. The quantitative testing was completed over the course of the next two days, with all shift changes covered. This ensured that all staff now requiring RPE were subject to the testing which gives an accurate and measurable figure for how well specific masks and facepieces fit.

The Result

The face fit testing service carried-out by Hayley PPE has improved both the safety and comfort of engineers on-site, as all masks required can be fitted suitably to offer maximum protection against airborne hazards. Compliance with health & safety regulations has also been ensured as a result. As Hayley Group were able to deliver the face fit testing service the following day after being alerted to the customers’ urgent requirement, downtime in the affected area of the facility was limited. This meant that engineers could safely return to work in this area, and productivity could return to its normal level.


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Do you use RPE within your business? You may need users to be fully face fit tested to ensure that they are being protected by the masks provided, and that the business remains compliant. Contact your local Hayley Group team to enquire about this service.



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