The Situation

A global manufacturer of pharmaceutical products and medical equipment had become increasingly concerned about the high energy costs at their facility in King’s Lynn. The customer contacted their local Hayley Group team who quickly identified that on-site compressed air usage could pose a great opportunity for delivering value in reducing energy consumption.

The Solution

The team at the local Hayley branch contacted the pneumatic experts at Hayley’s dedicated fluid power division, for guidance. Leakage is a common problem afflicting compressed air systems that often represents a significant waste of energy, and with this firmly in-mind, an air leak survey was arranged.

A technical specialist from Hayley spent four days conducting an air leak survey, using an ultrasonic leak detector gun to identify all areas of leakage across the entire site. One-hundred-and-ninety-four leaks were detected and recorded in total, with cost-savings calculations made to present to the customer.

Following the survey, the recommended actions were taken to resolve the leaks. The vast majority requiring only basic maintenance to remedy.

The Result

The large number of leaks stopped as a result of this project and the notoriously high demand on electricity that compressed air systems pose, meant that cost-savings were significant. It was calculated that the customer is now due to save £93,079 per year in associated running costs.

Thanks to the actions taken in light of the survey’s findings, the operation has also reduced its carbon footprint by lowering its electricity consumption.

An added benefit of putting a stop to air leaks on such a scale as this is that employee wellbeing working around the factory has been improved. This is due to the fact that air leaks are a recognised cause of hearing problems in workers, when they are exposed to them over a medium to long-term.