The reliability of industrial gearboxes is constantly challenged by various ambient and operational conditions such as, shock loads, vibrations, increased utilization of available torque and more. Added to these conditions are ever-changing production volume demands and difficult, time consuming maintenance procedures. While bearing and seal failures are recognized as the primary mechanical symptoms of gearbox failure, most gearbox repair shops are not trained to investigate the underlying causes of bearing failure such as improper maintenance, handling, installation and service.

Without knowing the failure history and the demands faced by the gearbox, most repair shops simply replace the bearings and reinstall the gearbox, which once again is doomed to failure. And the cycle continues.

Move from continual repair to constant reliability

You can stop the cycle of continual repair costs and downtime by having an SKF Certified Rebuilder repair your gearboxes. Their staff undergoes specialized training in gearbox repair with an emphasis on root cause failure analysis, bearing installation, lubrication, sealing and condition monitoring. The objective: prevent recurring failures and extend gearbox service life. SKF Certified Rebuilders must meet exacting standards and specifications. They use high-quality SKF components (e.g., SKF bearings and seals) and they are regularly audited to make sure they comply with all requirements. That means repairs are done right, every time.

Start expecting more: Enhance productivity and profitability

By identifying and eliminating the root causes of bearing failure, rebuilds carried out by an SKF Certified Rebuilder open the door to new levels of gearbox reliability and productivity, strengthening your bottom line.

Performance advantages

• Lower total cost of ownership from:
–– Increased productivity
–– Decreased downtime
–– Lower maintenance costs
• Extended mean time between failure
• Enhanced reliability

SKF certification advantages

• Conformance to exacting SKF specifications and standards
• Reliable, high-quality rebuilds
• Root cause failure analysis
• Ongoing training
• Access to SKF technology
• Use of quality SKF components
• Auditing and re-certification mandatory


SKF Certified: The new standard of service excellence

As a collaborative effort between SKF, eligible gearbox service firms, and participating SKF Authorized Distributors, the SKF Certified gearbox rebuilder programme raises the bar on gearbox service.

The majority of gearbox failures are bearing and/or seal related. For this reason, the SKF Certified programme focuses on identifying the root cause of bearing failure and the repair methods that correct the problem so that the gearbox can achieve optimum performance.

Certification requires that personnel undergo extensive training in identifying and evaluating the factors that influence bearing service life. Technicians are tested and required to meet certification requirements. SKF Certified Rebuilders are regularly audited to make sure they comply with program standards.


Here's what you can expect from an SKF-certified rebuilder

SKF trained, highly skilled service professionals that are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to make sure that your gearbox is serviced right every time.

Consistent specifications and standards

SKF has established specification standards that must be met for every gearbox repair. By using an SKF Certified Rebuilder, you can be sure that each rebuilt gearbox meets the highest standards for quality and consistency. In addition to regular audits to confirm that gearboxes are rebuilt according to specification, each shop is audited for cleanliness, orderliness and environmental responsibility.

Root cause failure analysis

Most repair shops don’t do such analysis. An SKF Certified Rebuilder is required and trained to do so. Your gearbox is thoroughly analysed to determine the cause of failure. After a complete check of those components that could have a negative impact on bearing and gearbox service life, necessary repairs are made so that your gearbox can run at optimum reliability. The benefits are clear: a longer lasting gearbox that will maximize availability and reduce life cycle costs.

Advanced technology and equipment

SKF Certified Rebuilders have access to SKF’s leading bearing technology and engineering expertise. And certification requires that repair shops utilize the best available equipment for bearing dismounting, measurement, repair and mounting.

Quality SKF products and practices

When your gearbox is serviced by an SKF Certified Rebuilder, SKF bearings and seals are required to be used. And, repairs will be performed in an environment that meets SKF’s stringent requirements for cleanliness, and proper storage and handling of bearings and seals, components and serviced gearboxes. Rebuilders must also perform a final conformance test at the end of the process, following SKF’s standards.

Ongoing excellence

As new products, tools and repair methods are developed, SKF Certified Rebuilder procedures will be kept up to date, and on going training and certification are mandatory. That means you will always have the advantage of SKF’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

Trust the SKF certification advantage

Optimize your gearbox performance and reliability. Require that your repair shop be SKF Certified, and move to a higher level of reliability, productivity and enhanced profit potential.


Hayley 24 7 Skf Certified

Choose Hayley for your gearbox repairs

Hayley 24/7 Engineering Services Limited has been a SKF-certified Rebuilder for Gearboxes since October 2020. Find out more about this status and what it means for Hayley customers, by clicking the button below.

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