The Situation

The customer, a manufacturer of plumbing and drainage components had a machine down due to a gearbox failure. The breakdown had caused a stoppage to production on one of the factory’s main lines, and the customer had no spare gearbox onsite to get back up and running.

A local South Yorkshire-based repair shop were contacted for assistance, as were a national MRO distributor. Both quoted a period of three weeks until the gearbox could be repaired and returned to site. This did not meet the customer’s urgent requirement.

The Solution

The local Hayley Group branch was called, and the dedicated team moved quickly to reach-out to Hayley 24/7 Engineering Services. A van was sent to collect the customer’s gearbox and
deliver it to the Hayley 24/7 workshop in Dudley, West Midlands. Here, it received a full strip and inspection with a report sent back to the customer with the proposed work needed to get the unit operational again. This proposal was accepted.

In just three days the work had been completed by the gearbox services team at Hayley 24/7 and the unit shipped delivered back to the customer’s factory, before being reinstated on the production line.

The Result

The stoppage to production was going to cost the customer £100k per week in lost revenue. By delivering a full gearbox repair service in three days, rather than the three weeks quoted by other providers, Hayley 24/7’s actions prevented £250k+ in potential revenue being lost.

Thanks to the high-quality of the work provided and replacement components used by Hayley 24/7, the UK’s first gearbox repairer to be certified by SKF, the service life of the gearbox has been extended. This will mean that the gearbox should not experience another premature failure, if maintained correctly.