PURITY™ FG greases and fluids from Petro-Canada Lubricants are designed to perform under the most severe conditions. Made from some of the purest base oils in the world, in a strictly-controlled manufacturing environment, all PURITY™ FG lubricants are also fully NSF-registered.


  • Registered with NSF for use in and around food processing areas, meeting the highest industry standards.
  • NSF H1 approved, making PURITY™ FG suitable for incidental contact with food.
  • Suitable for a range of applications within the food processing, packaging and beverage industries.
  • Protects equipment from extreme temperatures, contamination and intensive cleaning. Common
    challenges for machinery in food and beverage industries.
  • PURITY™ FG greases proven to protect gears, bearings and other equipment against wear and corrosion.
  • PURITY™ FG greases offer outstanding lubrication and pumpability, superior resistance to breakdown and to high-pressure washdowns.
  • Highly-controlled manufacturing processes ensure product quality and consistency.
  • Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 21469.
  • Many products in the PURITY™ FG portfolio also carry Kosher, Pareve and Halal certifications.
  • PURITY™ FG-X AW Hydraulic Fluids have double the lifespan of most mineral oil competitors and better performance than some synthetics.


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Peto-Canada Lubricants are currently rolling-out new packaging of the PURITY™ FG grease tubes. The update will retain many of the features you’re already familiar with, including individual colours for each product to make differentiation easy, while featuring large vertical product names for maximum impact. The blue tubes will contain the most premium FG synthetics, aligning with Petro-Canada Lubricants' new, wider premium package colour scheme.


Purity Fg Grease Tubes