The Situation

An international manufacturer of corrugated packaging was about to open a brand-new £50m+ manufacturing facility in Livingston, Scotland. The facility represented a significant investment for the customer, who was keen to have the facility as a flagship, state-of-the-art location. The Business Development team from the Falkirk branch, supported by Hayley National Accounts, pitched their vision for the design and build of the customers’ engineering stores. This pitch was successful, and a deal was struck.

The Solution

Using expertise in designing and commissioning engineering stores, and with the assistance of a third-party pallet racking and shelving company, work got underway on the design process. Joint site visits were made by the parties involved to the customers’ existing papermill in Manchester and their two sites in Scotland, to gain an in depth understanding of requirements. Once designs were approved, work began on the build.

Racking was built with Hayley Group’s own digital stores management system, Hayley SmartTime, deployed from the offset to create a stock profile that could be managed effectively. Hayley SmartVend industrial vending machines were also commissioned as part of the stores, for fast-moving consumables. Overall, around 5000 different products will be stocked within the customers’ new stores, all in optimised locations with easy reordering processes facilitated by Hayley Group as part of the partnership deal.

The Result

The customer was extremely satisfied with the entire process involved in the set-up of their new stores. Stock is now fully rationalised to reduce capital, as well as cutting spend on duplicate items.

Thanks to the inventory being managed with the help of digital technologies underpinning Hayley SmartTime and Hayley SmartVend solutions, the customer will experience a number of benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to: automated reordering, less time wasted on sourcing correct products, and no unnecessary duplication of items.

As part of the deal, Hayley Group covered 50% of the cost of the project, in return for an agreed spend on MRO supply over the course of the 5-year contract. Hayley Group has committed to delivering value and cost savings through various engineering projects and OEM conversions throughout the contract, with monthly KPI meetings diarised to ensure service and delivery performance is maintained.



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