The Situation

The Senior Production Manager at a site manufacturing concrete blocks in Essex,
contacted the team at the Hayley Southern branch about securing cost-savings against
their compressed air system. Generation of compressed air on-site represented a
significant source of energy consumption and, therefore, cost.

The Solution

A specialist member of staff from Hayley’s dedicated fluid power division visited the plant to carry-out an air leak survey, using ultrasonic technology to identify leakage from the
system. All leaks were recorded with an estimated cost calculated to link to the volume of air being exhausted. A full and detailed report was provided to the customer.

It was also determined that the cost to repair the leaks would require an investment from
the customer of around £1400. An order was placed with Hayley for the components

The Result

The total annual cost associated with the leaks detected during the survey was £24,856. A significant saving for the customer.

Thanks to the actions taken in light of the survey’s findings, the operation has also reduced its carbon footprint by lowering its electricity consumption.

An added benefit of putting a stop to air leaks is that employee wellbeing around the factory has been improved. This is due to the fact that air leaks are a recognised cause of hearing problems in workers, when they are exposed to them over a medium to long-term.