Instant Adhesives Range

Introducing the latest innovation from Henkel - a line of instant adhesives and activators formulated with more globally-acceptable raw materials. This innovation combines health and safety improved formulations with the same high-quality and reliability synonymous with LOCTITE®.


LOCTITE® 402 is a medium viscosity, high-temperature, durable, and fast-setting instant adhesive, ideal for a wide range of substrates. The product is a high-performance and fast-setting instant adhesive that provides reliable and strong bonds to an expansive range of materials.

Discover the ultra-performance of LOCTITE 402

LOCTITE 402 pushes the boundaries of performance beyond that of standard cyanoacrylates, providing reliable performance under extreme operating temperatures up to 135°C.

Download the whitepaper from Henkel, to discover how LOCTITE 402 compares in terms of fixture times, heat resistance and durability. Simply click the button below to access the whitepaper.

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