The Norgren® 54D pressure sensor allows you to react quickly and effectively to changing requirements through its built-in intelligence. The instrument is suitable for general vacuum and compressed air applications.


  • Compact, robust and lightweight.
  • Delivers on flexibility.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to configure and take readings from with large buttons and digital display.
  • 2x switching outputs or 1x switching output (IO-Link configurable), 1x analogue (4-20mA).
  • Pressure display colour-change configurable at switching point (red/green).
  • Total accuracy or ±0.5% of full scale (FS) - without temperature sensitivity.
  • High overpressure and vacuum resistance.
  • Option for set-up as a differential pressure switch.
  • PBT, FKM and polyester housing.
  • Brass, FKM, Silicon (coated) and PBT wetted parts.
  • Port size: G1/8.
  • -1 to 16 bar with three pressure ranges.
  • UL-listed.


Hayley became full official distributors for Norgren products in October 2022. Learn more about our partnership here.



The Norgren 54D electronic pressure sensor features in Issue 11 of our Maintenance Essentials magazine. Download a copy today!