With a modern design and power ranging from 0.25 to 175 cv, the CFW500 frequency inverter from WEG is a high-performance variable speed drive, which assists in controlling speed and torque of three-phase induction motors.


  • General-purpose drive, suitable for around 80% of applications.
  • Both single and three-phase options available.
  • Flexible and user-friendly.
  • Several accessories available with easy to install ‘plug-and-play’ technology.
  • Offers sensorless vector, vector with encoder, or scalar control modes.
  • Delivers permanent magnet motor control.
  • STO and SS1 safety functions.
  • Built-in filter and option for safe torque off (STO).
  • Current/power range up to 211 Amps/110kW (150 HP).
  • Operating temperature range of -10ºC to +40ºC.
  • Backup of all parameters (via WPS software, memory card, or internal memory of the CFW500).
  • Up to eight programmable speeds.


To enquire about variable speed drives, contact your local Hayley team. Supported by a team of dedicated product specialists from Hayley Drives, the Hayley branches advise and work with customers to find the best solution for them.



The WEG CFW500 Machinery Variable Speed Drive features in Maintenance Essentials Issue 11. Download a copy by clicking the button below!