SENTRON™ Stationary Gas Engine Oils (SGEOs) by Petro-Canada Lubricants are premium-performance, long-life engine oils specifically designed to lubricate stationary gas engines and their integrated compressors. Common applications include; gas plants, pipeline compression stations and traditional power generation, as well as landfill and sewerage gas operations and crude oil production environments.


  • Formulated from Petro-Canada PURITY™ base stocks and selected additives, providing solutions for natural gas (SENTRON™ LD) and contaminated gas applications (SENTRON™ CG).
  • The portfolio consists of low ash (<0.6% sulphated ash) and medium ash (0.6% - 1%).
  • SENTRON™ LD 8000, the flagship product for natural gas, offers exceptional drain intervals and can result in lower maintenance costs, less waste and a more efficient and profitable operation. Successfully used in every engine type.
  • SENTRON™ LD 5000 offers good combustion chamber and heat exchanger cleanliness. Long
    drain intervals match the maintenance intervals for most engine types.
  • SENTRON™ LD 3000 helps provide a high level of performance in high output turbo-charged engines that prefer a low ash oil.
  • SENTRON™ CG 40 is formulated for gas engines running on contaminated gas (biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas), offering exceptionally low combustion chamber deposits for a medium ash product alongside long oil drain intervals.
  • SENTRON™ CG 40 PLUS is a unique low ash formulation for gas engines running on contaminated gas. It is specifically designed to address current and future applications where higher BMEP engines are used.
  • There are other speciality products available in the SENTRON™ portfolio for various engine types.
  • For more information on the entire SENTRON™ range, contact your local branch.