The Situation

A large ready meal producer in King’s Lynn was using the industrial vending solution of a Hayley competitor for the dispensing and management of their PPE and consumables on-site. The vending contract was awarded to Hayley, and Hayley SmartVend™ machines were installed at the point of use with a mirrored stock profile.

The Health & Safety Manager alerted Hayley to the worrying fact that staff members were suffering 17-20 cuts and lacerations to their hands per year.

The Solution

Hayley spent some time on-site to understand the requirements of the workforce wearing the vended gloves. It was quickly determined that gloves providing insufficient cut protection were being widely used across this area of the production facility, and this was a large contributing factor to the number of cut incidents happening.

Hayley swapped the gloves for OPSIAL cut-resistant KYOSAFE gloves. These gloves would offer a far-superior protection, rated as cut level D. The gloves have an 18-gauge very fine Kyorene knit, ensuring flexibility and comfort while also being heat-resistant and anti-odour.

OPSIAL personal protective equipment is exclusive to Hayley in the UK, contact your local branch for more information about the brand and products available.

The Result

OPSIAL gloves are now suitably protecting the workforce from cut injuries as they carry-out their duties. Incidents since Hayley introduced OPSIAL into the factory have reduced to 1 per year; a significant reduction. The hidden cost of such incidents is often overlooked. However, the customer’s Health & Safety Manager stated, “the pound value in cost-avoidance thanks to the new OPSIAL gloves being used, is immeasurable.”

The Hayley SmartVend™ machines have given the customer a reliable and intelligent way to manage access to inventory, as well as enabling automatic reordering when stock runs low, eliminating the risks of a stock-out situation.

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