The PEERLESS™ family of greases by Petro-Canada Lubricants are premium-performance greases formulated to reduce operating costs and provide extended protection in extreme high temperatures or wet operating conditions. The range provides an excellent alternative to lithium and lithium complex greases with its calcium sulphonate complex grease thickeners.


  • PEERLESS™ greases, based on calcium sulphonate thickeners, offer an enhanced performance compared to lithium and lithium complex greases.
  • PEERLESS™ greases generally offer long-lasting wear protection, excellent resistance to water and the ability to work effectively at a broad range of temperatures.
  • PEERLESS™ LLG is an NLGI #2 calcium sulphonate grease for high temperature (up to a constant 200ºC) and very long-life applications such as sealed bearing units. It is also easily pumped over long distances.
  • PEERLESS™ OG line of extreme pressure (EP), high-temperature, multi-application greases are formulated for wet and marine environments.
  • PEERLESS™ OG PLUS is a tenacious grease with exceptional sealing properties and extremely low water washout.
  • PEERLESS™ 3 MOLY 322 contains 3% molybdenum disulphide and achieves extended re-greasing intervals.
  • Future-proof your business against the increasing demand for lithium due to growing demand from external markets.
  • For more information on the entire PEERLESS™ range, contact your local branch.