PureLite by PureFlo® is an innovative respiratory protective system that provides a unique, all-in-one respiratory, eye, face, and hearing protection solution. The lightweight system provides integrated protection for users with an unrivalled level of comfort. PureLite is the cost-effective choice for those looking to move from disposable masks to powered respirators.


  • Head-mounted design with no trailing leads, hoses or waist-mounted power pack, ensures a snag-free experience.
  • Full face shield providing excellent field of vision and impact protection (certified to EN166).
  • No face fit testing required - an effective solution for users with facial hair and/or prescription spectacles.
  • Low running costs.
  • Provides equivalent respiratory protection to a disposable FFP3 mask.
  • Hearing protection can be fitted.
  • Well balanced design with comfortable head harness.
  • On/off switch always accessible, even for a gloved hand.
  • 8-hour battery life on a single charge.
  • 210 l/m airflow rate, with a low flow warning at 150 l/m.
  • System classification TH2P (APF 20).
  • Suitable for use in a range of industries including; agriculture, construction, forestry and food processing.


The PureLite headset is the entry-level powered air purifying respirator model from PureFlo®, and offers a terrific introduction to the range. Contact your local Hayley team to enquire today!