The Situation

A quarry and asphalt plant near the Welsh border was conducting some scheduled upgrades to their equipment and fitting a new cab to their screener. The team on-site needed to ensure that the hydraulic system within the equipment would be reassembled correctly, potentially with additional components added to equate for the new dimensions of the screener.

The Solution

A specialist hydraulic engineer from Hayley Fluid Power arranged to visit the site the next day, following a call from the customers’ local Hayley Group branch. Upon his arrival, work immediately began on measuring current hose lengths and the length of hoses required to account for the new position of the control cab. Specifications were all noted, before a list of suggested hydraulic hose products and accessories was created and put to the customer for approval.

Once approved, an order for twenty-four new hoses, twelve sets of flat-face couplings and the appropriate quantity of adapters, seals and hoses was raised.

The Result

The custom hose cell at Hayley Fluid Power in Halesowen worked hard to create the required hose assemblies in a little over one hour. This meant that the new assemblies were with the customer the very same day. Not only incredibly convenient, but the customer was also able to have their new hydraulic system back up and running before the end of their scheduled downtime period.

The customer can now rely on their new hydraulic system as it has been specified by a time-served hydraulic specialist and has been assembled by qualified technicians using high quality components from the likes of Gates® and Bonomi.

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