The Situation

An aggregates quarry in Herefordshire was having issues with a leaking hydraulic RAM that was causing wastage, inefficiencies and required far too much maintenance resource. Production stoppages and operational downtime were occurring regularly as a result, and the costs associated with this were beginning to mount. Following these issues being reported to the team at the customer’s local Hayley branch in Hereford, it was also discovered that the hydraulic oil used in this application had never been subjected to any sampling.

The Solution

The local Hayley team contacted the experts at Hayley Fluid Power for assistance and advice on the best course of action to take in order to resolve the problems affecting the customers’ operation. The Hayley Fluid Care Response Vehicle was quickly deployed to site, kitted-out with the latest in oil sampling technologies thanks to Hayley Group’s long-running partnership with Hydac, as well as the equipment needed for hose assembly and asset tagging. Once on site, the Hayley engineer took a sample of hydraulic fluid directly from the system and was able to carry-out particle contamination analysis there and then. Another sample was taken for further analysis back at Hayley Fluid Power HQ, for the optimal filtration solution to be identified.

Thirty hydraulic hose assemblies in operation at the quarry were also identified and tagged appropriately during the site visit.

The Result

The oil analysis conducted on site demonstrated that the oil had become contaminated with solid particulates, negatively affecting the operation of the system. The Hayley Fluid Power team are currently busy completing further tests as part of the laboratory services offering that they are able to provide under their “Fluid Care Partnership” with Hydac. Once these results are analysed and the customer is in agreement, a comprehensive filtration package tailored to the requirements of the application will be implemented. New hydraulic fluid will also be provided, again better suited to the applications’ requirements. Once in-place, the solution will help the quarry to dramatically reduce downtime, improve the operational efficiency of the system, and resolve the persistent issues with the leaky RAM.

Thanks to the hose assemblies on site now being identified, registered as part of a live inventory, and tagged, engineers will be able to promptly tend to the maintenance of these assets and order replacements hoses when needed. Hayley Hereford will now provide replacements and spares. Same-day delivery is now available with no ‘walking and waiting time’ wasted by engineers being sent off site to order/collect hoses as was previously the case.