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Machine failure often results from poor inspection practices, equipment not being cleaned or lubricated properly, as well as operator error due to complex condition monitoring tools requiring expert knowledge. Machine failure is usually one of the biggest concerns in every manufacturer’s mind. Whether minor or catastrophic, equipment failure tends to result in repair costs, unplanned downtime, productivity loss, and impacts on production and delivery of services. It’s estimated that factories lose anywhere from 5% to 20% of their productivity due to unplanned downtime – equivalent to thousands or even millions of pounds in some cases.

Implementing a defence against machine failure and unplanned downtime is possible with Schaeffler Lifetime Solutions, where there is a clear focus on emphasising the value offered to customers. Customers are at the heart of all we do and that’s why we have put them and the core benefit we offer them - simplified maintenance and the peace of mind that comes from smoothly running plants and machines - at the centre of our mission and vision statements. Designed with maintenance teams and plant managers in mind, Hayley, as a certified sales partner, can now offer its customers a range of solutions that will ensure uninterrupted machine efficiency in their customers workshops and plants. Whether they are in the food and beverage, pulp and paper, cement and mining sectors, there is a solution for them, with a portfolio ranging from mounting to condition monitoring and smart lubrication tools.


Lubrication - not a treat for machines

It is widely known that a common cause of bearing failure is lubrication. Under lubricating can cause rolling bearings to wear out too quickly, whereas over lubrication can lead to ineffective operation. The reliance on human intervention is often the cause of inadequate and incorrect lubrication. However, not all hope is lost as with the intuitive web based Schaeffler Grease app for mobile devices, you can quickly determine the most suitable type of ARCANOL grease, the relubrication interval and the lubricant quantity with just a few entries and taps.

The development of environmentally friendly automatic lubricators, Schaeffler’s CONCEPT range, offers 1 to 8 lubrication points which are not only designed to reduce maintenance outlay by up to 30 per cent compared to manual lubrication, but also come with the option of refillable empty cartridges, meaning savings for the planet as well as the pocket, therefore helping ensure problem-free and more sustainable production in the long-term.



With Schaeffler’s OPTIME, you don’t have to be an expert, as it is easy to implement and operate. The simple plug, play, predict device makes it possible to detect potential damage, vibration, imbalances, knocking and misalignments before they can cause serious problems. Seeing this information on a PC or smartphone also means that onsite inspection of a machine in hazardous environments only needs to be done in the event of an alarm. This system has been combined with the CONCEPT range to create the OPTIME C1. This latest generation provides maintenance teams with key information on all networked lubricators, thereby ensuring optimal lubrication of machine components and preventing the formation of wear particles.


Having the right tools

Did you know that roughly 15%-20% of bearing damage is caused by incorrect mounting methods or tools – damage that can be easily avoided with the right tools and solutions to ensure precision? Mounting solutions like the HEATER BASIC and HEATER SMART are designed for mounting rolling bearings and other workpieces in the industrial workspace for safe, uniform and controlled heating. With an extensive offering for diverse requirements and with reduced operating costs, you can have energy efficient heating and short mounting times.

You also need to factor in that the precise alignment of rotating shafts is essential for cost-effective production in every industry. LASER-EQUILIGN2 uses laser technology to enable precise measurements and alignments in every situation making sure customers don’t incur unnecessary costs.


Life in the old dog

The portfolio is not just designed to keep your customers’ machines rolling but to help them meet their sustainability targets and reduce their carbon footprint over a lifetime. Frequently, new rolling bearings are fitted, although the existing bearings could be returned to an as-new condition by means of expert reconditioning. Schaeffler offers the possibility to recondition your existing rolling bearings, saving material, energy and transportation costs which can lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions by up to 95 per cent.

It’s fair to say that Schaeffler’s lifetime solutions are a difference maker. Why? Because its smart connected solutions help Hayley customers effortlessly digitalise their plants.


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